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Dr. Yau Teng Yan is Chief Medical Officer at Holmusk, a digital health and data analytics company. Dr Yau is a practising doctor with 8 years of clinical experience in Singapore. His specialist training was in diagnostic radiology and he is an admitted fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists (London). He also did a stint in the healthcare office of the Military Medicine Institute in the Singapore Armed Forces, where he was involved in health policy decisions and health screening initiatives for servicemen. He is a big believer that technology and artificial intelligence will transform the delivery of healthcare, to achieve better outcomes, reduced costs and improved patient experience.

A Change Is Needed In May 2018, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published an editorial calling for a paradigm shift in the deployment of preventive interventions. The key points are: Clinical studies have proven behavioural interventions, such as the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), to be highly effective. These interventions are being adopted very slowly owing to old financing models by payors and scalability challenges for providers. Digital interventions can overcome these barriers and...

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