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Dr. Hatley is a medical writer who specializes in content strategy and development for the healthcare industry. Whether it be a quick press release for a new mobile app, translating confusing technical jargon for patients, writing a white paper for that pile of data sitting on your desk, or developing a robust go to market strategy, Dr. Hatley wants to make sure your accomplishments are seen. In addition to freelance medical writing, Dr. Hatley is Chief of Business Development at Tickit Health.

“Everyone mistook my depression, anxiety, and struggles to connect with people as me being ‘shy.’ I would just internalize and was very introverted when dealing with things. It took me many years to realize I wasn’t actually shy like everyone assumed.” — Sarah C” (1). Childhood is traditionally viewed as the time in life to be free of worry, but teens these days are navigating a different state of reality. A recent study published by...

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