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Dolita Bhagat has seven years of experience in strategic market research analysis, data analytics, and product strategy for the healthcare industry. She currently works for CitiusTech as a Healthcare Consultant. As part of the Product Management team, she’s worked on various innovative Business Intelligence and Analytical solutions for both providers and payers, including CitiusTech’s flagship product BI-Clinical. Previously, Dolita worked as a Market Research Analyst and has a profound understanding of the healthcare IT market, trends, and competitors. She earned her MBA from Pune University and M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Punjab University.

The convergence of payer and provider organizations has given rise to “PAYVIDERS” – a portmanteau that continues to gain popularity in the healthcare industry. This two-part series highlights success strategies for these organizations. In part one, we reviewed the history and rise of PAYVIDERS in today’s healthcare market. In this final installment, we reveal winning strategies successful organizations use to implement new regulations, payment models and technology mandates as well as incentives for promoting greater...

Blends across payer and provider organizations have given rise to the term “PAYVIDERS”. Today, “PAYVIDERS” form in two main ways: Payers acquire healthcare providers turning providers into payers Provider organizations start their own health plans with their employees. Hospitals are often the largest employer in a region, so this is a logical starting point into the payer world.   What has brought about this shift to a blended model? The need to overcome the onslaught...

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