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I am a biotech-engineer, health-economics MS, Management and Innovation MBA, consultant, company founder, advisor, mentor, and healthcare innovation zealot. I specialize in patient-centric design for patients, their family, and care providers. I bring to market comprehensive digital solutions that make healthcare effective, transparent and high-quality. My passion is to help the healthcare system deliver the best care to patients focused on high standards of quality and value-based outcomes. To execute on my passion, I work with others across the healthcare ecosystem to explore and create new ways of seeing and finding solutions to old and new problems. I have worked with dozens of life-sciences, pharma, bio-pharma, provider organizations, health innovation accelerators, and private-sector companies to successfully design implement and adopt new technology, processes, and care models. I have deep expertise in finding the best technology and partners to implement and optimize change with measurable impact and improvement. My style is hands-on and suitably pragmatic to find new value-based solutions for businesses, healthcare users, and the healthcare ecosystem. Colleagues describe me as “team-oriented yet with high autonomous capacity, a bond creator, trustworthy and humorous. A very committed individual, passionate and innovative.” People frequently contact me when they need to re-evaluate, design, develop and implement a progressive strategy, optimize existing processes, implement new change and to translate technology or software into real-world clinical value-based operations. My language skills allow me to speak fluently with approximately 2 Billion people. (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French). "There has never been a big achievement that hasn't started with a single step"

The “How” In Part 1 of this series, I debunked common misconceptions around using data to improve clinical trials. In Part 2, I discussed the validation of digital health tools, and how to tell which tools might actually enact behavior change. Now, in Part 3, I’d like to look at how pharmaceutical companies can actually build a step-by-step plan for implementing data-driven and agile clinical trial processes that will save time and money. In an attempt to strip down...


In Part 1, I discussed common misconceptions behind why pharmaceutical companies aren’t using data to improve clinical trials processes. Firstly, people often think that digital health solutions are young and unreliable – but in fact, there are options on the market that are incredibly robust and often unknown due to a crowded consumer market.   Second, many executives believe that aggregating data points across multiple sources is cumbersome. That, too, is a misconception. In fact, there are...


Common misconceptions One of the biggest problems facing the pharmaceutical industry right now is overspending on clinical trials.According to a study published in April 2015 by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, pharmaceutical development companies spend between $4 and $6 billion each year in unnecessary clinical trial expenses. The problem of inefficient clinical trials is widespread, too: the report found that 1 in 4 trials (24.7%) are inefficient and wildly expensive, and much of this...

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