GeneralFacelift Myths Exposed: See Reality and Don’t Believe on Rumors

Facelift aka rhytidectomy is a popular cosmetic surgery. A facelift can reverse the signs of aging and lift up the skin of your neck and face. Regardless of the success of some Face Lift Mississauga experts, some unfair myths are revolving around about this procedure. Here are some facelift myths you should not believe.

Results Look Artificial

Media often covers unsuccessful plastic surgeries. You may see a few botched facelifts that are enough to decrease your confidence. Keep it in mind that the bulk of failed cases involve people who were expecting phenomenal results. Some people underwent a consistent series of cosmetic surgeries. They often go against the recommendations of plastic surgeons.

A facelift performed by an experienced surgeon can’t be noticeable and unnatural. Experienced surgeons can create vibrant and youthful results without any side effect. With modern techniques and technology, you can get natural results. Nowadays, your body can produce and regenerate collagen naturally.

Facelifts are for Women or Old People

There is no right age for cosmetic surgeries. With your age, your facial skin and muscles become sag or slack. Age can affect your skin any time because there are several factors to cause early onset aging. You are prone to wrinkles and saggy skin with a history of smoking cigarettes, extra sun exposure or by neglecting your skin. Young patients can get the advantage of mini facelifts. This modified technique can give you natural lifts in the neck area and lower face.

People also have a misconception that only women can undergo cosmetic surgery. Currently, men are representing 15% of total patients of cosmetic surgery. There is a steady rise in this number. Men also prefer non-surgical procedures, such as filers, neurotoxin, and Botox. Nowadays, men feel more comfortable with gynecomastia, rhinoplasty, and liposuction.

The facelift is of One Type Only

Two faces can’t be same in shape, complexion, and features. Every patient has different aging symptoms, facial characteristics, and goals for outcomes. Luckily, different types of cosmetic techniques are available to reverse the aging process. Some people can get great results with Botox, dermal fillers or laser. Several patients need complementary procedures with a facelift, such as fat transfer and eyelid surgery.

Recovery is Painful

Just like other surgeries, facelift procedures do need you to stay away from the public for some time. Downtime may vary depending on the type of cosmetic surgery technique and health of the patient. Many patients may take two weeks to return to normal activities. Moreover, post-procedure pain can be avoided in initial days after this procedure. Make sure to use prescribed medication, elevation and ice.

Facelifts can Speed up the Aging Procedure

With rhytidectomy, you can reverse visible signs of aging. However, your skin continues to age at its normal speed after every procedure. The majority of customers spread this myth and avoid facelift surgery. Keep it in mind that it is a normal aging procedure. The facelift will not trigger the aging procedure, so you can choose a reliable surgeon to enhance your looks.

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