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Material handling equipment refers to mechanical equipment you use for materials handling. It can be one of several machines that move, store, control, and protect all manner of products. You can use material handling equipment for manufacturing, distribution, disposal or consumption, and it can be transport, position, unit load formation, or storage equipment.

In essence, because there is no “one size fits all” approach to materials handling, there is also no “one” product to cater to it either. Here is everything you need to know about material handling equipment.

There are Several Options on the Market

As mentioned above, there is a vast number of options to cater to the masses. If you need something moved or repositioned, you are sure to find a material handling machine to take care of it.

If you need to lift or load products, then a lifter for materials handling could be worth your consideration. Such a product boasts a counterbalance weight system for you to lift significant weights against walls and over obstacles. One person cannot lift and load on their own, but with the help of a material handling machine designed for the sole purpose of lifting and loading, one man can take care of it.

Other helpful material handling machines include hoists, robust hoisting units that can lift and position in tight spaces. You can even use hoists for installing plumbing or air ducts, or even electrical fixtures and chimney pipes. Hoists are compact, one-piece units that can go with you to any job site.

Even when it comes to heavy-duty tasks that seem impossible, material handling equipment comes to the rescue.  Take, for example, the role of a Superlift Contractor. This machine suits construction and industrial work such as HVAC installation and moving heavy loads. It’s heavy-duty but entirely portable, so you can use it on or off-site.

Then, if you find yourself in the automotive industry, having to raise and lower hefty engines into vehicles, then a mini floor crane is worth your consideration. This materials handling product has counterweights to stop it from tipping and has a winch for lowering well below zero.

Finally, if there’s no tailgate loader or forklift in sight, you can reap the rewards of a powered hand truck. This machine enables one person to lift and load equipment weighing up to 140kg. If you only need one person, you are saving a fortune in paying additional staff to help. You can also use a hand truck in warehouses, workshops, and more.

You Need to Form a Relationship with a Reputable Supplier

When you start buying machinery for materials handling, you may not have any idea how to compare it, whether it’s any good, or if you need to select a particular brand over another. That’s why it’s imperative to form a valuable relationship with a supplier.

Someone who’s in the business of selling these products can ensure you buy the right ones for your industry and line of work. They can also recommend other products that could complement the original material handling equipment you buy too.

You Have to Put Thought into How Much You Need

Material handling equipment can save a lot of time, manpower, and energy, but you have to strike a balance between having too many pieces of equipment and not enough. Consider the space you have, the need you have for moving products, and how many people you have working in that space at any one time.

If you don’t have enough equipment, productivity suffers. But, if you have too much, it has the same effect as everyone is tripping over each other. Start with one, then chat to your local material handling equipment salesman about your need for more.

Maintenance is Crucial

If you want any materials handling products to work at their best, then you need to ensure you stay on top of their maintenance. Fortunately, depending on where you buy your equipment from, you can enjoy maintenance, servicing, and training for your staff from the source. What’s more, when you choose the right supplier, you also get the peace of mind of knowing all parts and products used in the servicing and repair of your material handling equipment is genuine.

They Are a Worthy Investment

Think about how cumbersome, large, and maintenance-hungry forklifts can be. Then, compare what they can do to material handling equipment. The two are very similar, but the latter takes a lot less effort, money, manpower, and maintenance. It’s clear to see, then, that materials handling equipment are worthy investments.


Did you have any idea that the materials handling equipment market was so vast, or that they could be such an excellent investment? What about the careful ratio for productivity, or that maintenance was key to longevity? Now you know everything you need to know about material handling equipment. You can also see your local dealer to find out more.

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