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Tackling Seasonal Weather Changes with Innovative Care Technology

Helen Dempster
Tackling Seasonal Weather Changes with...

Today’s social care ecosystem continues to be under equipped for the growing challenges associated with supporting and funding the care for an ageing population. And as we find ourselves in the midst of a heatwave, the current care services are under further pressure to ensure the older generation are safe, well looked after and coping in the extreme heat.

But with the death toll from the ongoing heatwave reaching 1,000*, it is apparent that it is has become increasingly difficult to care for those who are vulnerable and at a particularly high risk of illness. Due to the lack of support, more elderly people are being left in their homes to battle the heat on their own. It is evident that their health is being compromised, particularly in cases where that person may be infirm or living with conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, as they can often have limited access to fluids and are unable to open windows and doors due to lack of assistance. Add up all these limitations, and it’s easy to see why these members of the public are at a greater risk of suffering from heatstroke and running into other such problems.

It is not just a case of doing the same things faster to overcome this. Given the scale of the problem, technology must be leveraged to fundamentally reconsider how older patients are cared for during this ongoing heatwave. Innovative solutions such as IoT based sensors assures the delivery of 24/7 care, tracking temperature levels and spotting unusual changes to allow for intervention when it is most needed. In addition, setting alarmed meters will further reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and allow more of the population to stay safely at home in these sweltering temperatures. This real-time information supports an enhanced personal care experience and enables members of the public to enjoy the warm weather in comfort and safety.

Likewise, with the winter months and the significant drops in temperature, the same technology can be harnessed to provide an enhanced personal care experience.


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