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Smart Hospitals That Are Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Austin Smith
Smart Hospitals That Are Changing the...

A recently published article by The Silicon Review provided valuable information on how BioIQ is changing the healthcare landscape. This new service has been connecting people by allowing patients to easily test for critical diseases, such as colon cancer and diabetes. Users can connect to the BioIQ screening network in multiple ways, including through home test kits, nursing staff companies, and pharmacies. This process occurs through web services and mobile devices to keep track of a person’s lifestyle. The data is analyzed and then the software creates a unique experience for the individual. The early stages of this program involved vision to test the software’s ability to track conditions. The entire BioIQ system allows patients to manage appointments, find nearby labs and pharmacies, utilize the medical assessment program, and even receive education for certain conditions.

What makes BioIQ unique is its convenience. The at home testing programs help people understand the medical issues they are facing in a comprehensive manner. This new system has made it easier than ever for health management to be organized and provide valuable feedback to patients. The BioIQ online portal transfers data securely and ensures that only health care professionals such as labs, hospitals, pharmacies, and home health care providers can securely use the data.

With this one platform software, BioIQ helps members within multiple health settings, whether insured or government regulated, handle their health in an organized fashion. The modern world is creating valuable technology and is moving the healthcare industry forward. This new advancement can also help businesses maintain employee health data through a secure private network. Employees can even register for a worksite screening at thousands of locations. With this feature, businesses can correlate an employee’s schedule with BioIQ’s system.

With technological advances, IT solutions, and web based platforms, BioIQ is almost a social platform for health care. Communicating with labs for results or pharmacies for prescription information is simple and effortless. The real advantage to this new program is the home test kits. Being able to get a quick result for a diabetes test or colon cancer screening can be life saving. The company, BioIQ, wants to put their focus on solving complex issues with simple solutions. Utilizing modern technology has helped BioIQ create a platform that can optimize interaction to communicate with participants. Starting in 2006, the clinical staff behind BioIQ has been placed globally to communicate with users all over the world. The software even utilizes data related to population engagement, local trends, and possible outcomes.

The final goal of BioIQ is to evolve the healthcare field to be a communicative and innovative part of people’s lives. This will involve utilizing local data and patient data to help people with all matters of medical issues. BioIQ’s ultimate goal is to have over 100 million people utilizing the platform. Ultimately, “by connecting people to health care services through a configurable SaaS platform, BioIQ is evolving the way health measurement works” said Justin Bellante, BioIQ CEO.

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