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Do you know?

  • Cancer is probably the reason why nearly 2.5 million Indians have sleepless nights.
  • Every year around 7 lakh new cancer patients are registered.
  • Every minute cancer causes one of every 8 women to die out of cervical cancer.

Cancer is a disease which occurs due to the abnormal cell growth. Cancer cells begin to divide without stopping and it spreads into the surrounding tissues. It is basically a collection of related diseases.

Cancer brings trauma for not only the patient but also for his family. Cancer has a cascading effect not only on the mind and body of the patient but also on his social and professional life. It’s like an evil that lives with you, eats with you and sleeps with you, just like your twin.

Cancer treatment- the long and short of it

Cancer patients often have a combination of treatments because treatment process damages the damaged as well as the healthy cells along with severe side effects. Surgery is the most preferred method for treating cancer as solid tumours can be removed surgically. Other types of treatment are:

  • chemotherapy which is a powerful cancer killing medication
  • radiotherapy which involves controlled use of high energy X-rays.
  • Targeted therapy which involves the usage of an agent specific for the deregulated protein cancer cells.

The treatment choice the patients and their families make is the most important decision in their life. Because once you choose a path, then there is no turning back.

It takes a team of expert oncologists to detect, diagnose and fight with a disease like cancer. Treatment approaches and methodologies are constantly developing and evolving. The options available to each patient is different depending upon the grade, stage and condition of the disease. The ever-evolving technology provides patients with a variety of tools, methods and medications to diagnose and attack the disease. That is why the decision about the treatment plan should be taken keeping in mind all the factors like skilled doctors, side effects, diagnosis and treatment methods, chances of survival, etc.

Cancer treatment in India

India is equivalent and in some cases better than many international treatment centres for cancer. It is considered as one of the preferred destinations for cancer treatment. The medical advancement in India can beat any international hospital in abroad.

We have some of the leading cancer hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. The developing technology and the excellent expertise of Indian doctors have made India one of the top picks for cancer treatment. According to some experts, India has the world’s finest surgeons with cutting-edge technology and excellent equipment along with well-maintained post-treatment care. In India, the cost of cancer treatment is also very affordable which makes it the most viable option for cancer treatment. The Indian oncologists develop a thorough treatment plan to attack the cancer disease while supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of the patients using different therapies.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment in India has seen an enormous amount of development in the last few decades. Patients from abroad are heading towards India for cancer cure. In India, the doctors believe that every cancer is unique and so is the person fighting with it. In this era of treatment advancement evolving on regular basis, curing cancer requires personalized care which are very well delivered by the team of doctors. The oncologists in India have deep knowledge and required expertise to cure almost all types of cancer. The major cities of India have several hospitals focusing only on the treatment of cancer. Some of the world class treatment is given by the cancer hospitals in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

The Indian doctors and cancer hospitals follow an integrative approach to treat cancer which involves treating the disease with surgery, chemotherapy and other methods, along with supporting patient’s strength, stamina and quality of life with different therapies.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis for your loved ones is devastating, but when armed with the right information you can take the first important step for fighting this giant disease and finding the best care for your loved one.

Why choose India?

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, their families naturally try to seek the best treatment for him and if they live in a country where the treatment is expensive and beyond their reach, they look for other alternatives. Treatment of cancer in India cost around 60-70% less than the cost of treatment in the US or the UK or any other developed country. Along with treatment, other costs are also there like travelling to the concerned country, accommodation and food which increases the budget.

As compared to the Indian counterparts the treatment cost of Cancer in India is less without compromising on the quality of treatment and doctors. India is the home to some of the best and most celebrated oncologists in the world. The main goal of the doctors here is to reduce the delay in diagnosis and treatment and to get the most out of life for the patients.

No two cancers are exactly alike, every cancer comes with a different set of symptoms and risk factors and different treatment approaches. That is why it is important to find doctors who not only specialise in cancer treatment but in a specific type of cancer treatment.

The cancer hospitals in India have teams of oncologists who are certified specialists with advanced training and expertise in specific types of cancer from breast, brain. Blood, cervical, to prostate cancer.

India is considered to have some of the leading cancer centres in the world, where they have dedicated doctors and devoted researchers studying the various cancers they treat. This collaboration between the doctors and the researchers helps to accelerate the advances in research and treatment to provide benefits to the patients more quickly.

  • availability of efficient chemotherapy drugs and monoclonal antibodies
  • availability of sophisticated radiation therapy like 3-D CRT and combination of radiation and chemotherapy which now accounts for 80 percent of the cancer treatments
  • cancer hospitals in major cities like Bangalore possesses microvascular reconstructive surgeons who offer better cosmetic and functional outcomes following reconstructive procedures

To conclude, we can say that India is now being accepted as one of the global leaders in terms of healthcare, and when it comes to cancer treatment, India is way ahead of its counterparts. Indian cancer hospitals treat patients with the most complex and challenging cancers. They have world class expertise to effectively provide the best treatment to the patients. They are now emerging as the light house for cancer patients all over the world.

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  • Michael

    October 13, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Really 2.5 million are not sleeping because of cancer that’s the very harsh truth. I wish someone find the cure for this deadliest disease.


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