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What to Look for in a Practice Management Solution

Saqib Khan
What to Look for in a Practice Management...

A good practice management solution is just like an oracle for your office. Often, companies get confused when it comes to buying an electronic practice management solution or system.

They get confused because there are 2 types of practice management systems; there are bundled EMRs and then there are 2 interfaced systems.

Both of these types result in complications in buying a specific practice management solution. So, here is what you should look for when buying one:

Set Your Budget

One of the most important things before going to purchase a practice management solution is to set your budget. Similarly, when it comes to replacing your system, despite the type of solution you need such as to upgrade or buy, you will need to pay the interface fee again.

According to O’Brien, replacing a practice management solution requires and costs a lot of money. So, you need to keep a handsome budget to re-install your practice management solution.

Set if it’s Easy to Use

Adapting or implementing an entirely new system is difficult which is why, it is essential to ensure that people who will use the software are comfortable with it and its functionality. Before you buy one, you need to consult your staff as well because they are the ones who are going to use it and their comfort level must be of paramount importance to you.

They should be well versed with the system and often, credible vendors offer company representatives to help users understand the new system.


Another thing that matters most in the selection of a practice management solution is experience with the specialties. In general, there are several different shades to different specialties that are not necessarily reflected by the normal system.

So, you must know whether or not the vendor considered your specialty or not. If they do not consider it, then you may end up with a system that will not function properly.

Local or Cloud Based Hosting

Coming towards the technicalities of the system, there are 2 forms of practice management software in a company’s server that can either be accessed locally or through the cloud. If you consider hosting the system locally, then you will have to pay the cost for the servers upfront.

Also, you will require a dedicated, motivated and well versed IT staff to update and maintain the system. However, there is a drawback with the local option which can leave you without access if the servers go down.

On the other hand, if you consider cloud based options, then those are of concern to the vendors themselves. On the contrary, they do not cost you much and are cheaper.

The updates of the cloud based system are the company’s responsibility to ensure that the data is secure in the servers. In addition to that, a cloud subscription has a monthly subscription fee too.

However, considering all the factors, cloud based systems seem like the better option to go with.




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